Theme Install and Setup

iStore is child theme of MaxStore. There is small difference only in the theme layout and some setup (follow the MaxStore documentation). You can download and install this theme like another…

When the theme is first installed and WooCommerce plugin activated, the demo mode would be turned on. This will display some sample/example content to show you how the website can be possibly set up. When you are comfortable with the theme options, you should turn this off and create your unique homepage style.

There are a few options that you can edit in the demo page. Navigate please to Customizer – WooCommerce Homepage and setup the demo style. You can choose between 2 (5 in PRO version) styles.

This section is visible only if the WooCommerce plugin is installed and you have not set the “Static Front Page”.

iStore Demo Homepage
iStore Demo Homepage
Demo homepage – PRO version

Recommended – Switch “Front page displays” to “A static page”

If you want to create unique shop homepage, create the new page first, set the template “Homepage”, add your own content and save the page. Then please go to Customize -> Static Front Page and switch “Front page displays” to “A static page” and select the page you created before.

alpha store homepage setup

After creating the homepage you can setup your homepage content.

iStore setup:

Header Banner:

You can add banner (some ad or text/html) between the logo/title and cart.

Go to Customizer – Main Styling – Header Banner – Paste your text or html code (with banner)



Note: The right top bar textarea is replaced with “My Account / Login – Register” link


This theme layout is included in MaxStore PRO