Main Menu – Eleganto

Theme includes 3 menus:

  1. Top menu
  2. Main menu
  3. Footer menu

To setup Top menu and Footer menu, follow THIS instructions

Eleganto theme include floating main menu. The menu items are based on homepage sections.

To setup this menu items go to theme section (Customizer > Homepage Settings > xxxx Section Settings) and find “Main Menu Title” field. If you add some text, the menu will be displayed.

Item menu color is based on section background color.

The menu items order is based on section order.


In Eleganto PRO you can define the header layout (width)

  • Boxed – the site content width 1170px
  • FullWidth – the window width



Remember that main menu width is not infinite. If you add many menu items (or/and with long names) they break on second line if they reach the maximum width. Check the responsivity too.

You can use shorten names or another font if your menu is very long.